Ford Electric has always been committed to finding new and improved ways to be more environmentally conscience. Over the years we have tried new and innovative ways to properly reduce, reuse and recycle products that come through our doors. The following is a list mentioning a few of them.


  1. Our glass, cans and plastics are recycled properly to minimize our affect on the environment.
  2. Our paper and cardboard products and properly removed from waste and recycled through our local management companies.
  3. Our metals are properly separated and recycled using local metal recyclers.
  4. Our used copper and Aluminum is separated and recycled in the same manner as our metals. (80% of the restoration of our company's panel truck was paid for by recycling our metals over the last 10 years)
  5. Our used ballasts from fluorescent fixtures are properly disposed of through a proper recycling station.
  6. Our used fluorescent tubes are sent to a recycling facility that deals with the proper removal of the mercury from the tubes.
  7. Our batteries are recycled as well from AAA to vehicle batteries we make sure they are recycled through a battery recycler.
  8. Our used oils and fluids from our vehicles are properly disposed of by the dealership.