Ford Electric offers many different solutions to your stand-by power needs. From 800 Watt up to 2 Mega Watt we can design a system for your specific needs.


transfer-switch1. Fully automatic system.

This system involves using a permanently placed generator outside your home or office that looks similar to a home air conditioning unit. The size of the unit would depend on your required loads during a power outage. These systems operate on natural gas or propane and are very quiet and dependable. Inside or outside the home we place a new automatic transfer switch that monitors incoming hydro and automatically starts and transfers power from the generator in the event of a power outage. If you are gone on holiday or at work your power will be restored in a matter of seconds making sure sump pumps, fridges, furnaces, hot tubs and generally all other loads of the house are operating normally.
10kw2. Manual Meter base mounted system.

This system uses a roll-out generator as well but it is connected directly to a manual transfer switch that is permanently mounted to the residences meter base. Ford Electric would arrange for this device to be mounted on the meter base in conjunction with the supply authority and once installed and connected the owner would be able to power up most of the homes circuits depending on the size of the generator.